M C X X.


Based out of Indiana, MCXX (pronounced M-C-X), is an American pop-alternative band that first turned heads with their debut single Hair.  MCXX was founded when frontman Adam McKinney-Drew started recording demos in his basement. The project evolved when he recruited bandmates before entering the studio with a 5-song EP. Positions were filled by his long-time collaborator and lead guitarist Vincent Charles, producer and keys player Levi Bennington, and drummer Quintin Johnson. The EP was released on July 1 2016 entitled, Apollo. It proved to be ambitious and forthcoming. 

Before starting production on their first full-length album the band replaced drummer Quintin Johnson with Conner Host citing a matter of musical differences. They began production toward their album December 17 2016 and finished in February 2017. The debut full-length album is titled, Sourmouth, and is due out April 15 2017. They have played few selective shows and released early mixes of songs to be on the album via SoundCloud.

With a catchy, un-replicated sound, and the attention of the midwestern music scene much is predicted for the enigmatic band MCXX in 2017.

MCXX recording their live album titled, MCXX: Live from Center






TA Weber

" I was fortunate to have MCXX perform at my music festival (Weberfest 2016). Great vibe and killer sound!! I look forward to watching these guys take off and slay many crowds!! "

-TA WEBER, Ted Weber's Famous LoudSpeakers




Jeremy Mang

" I've gotten to work with these guys quite a bit in the last year and a half. I've been watching them grow as artists and musicians, honing their crafts, and just being overall good guys. One thing that stands out is their work ethic. They've never come to the studio unprepared. They always know exactly what they want to do, and yet still keep an open mind to let songs develop as they develop. I always try to push them to their limits and they always surpass my expectations. I constantly forget their young ages, and look at them as peers because of their drive with which they pursue their careers. It would be very surprising to see this level of songwriting and creativity go unnoticed for long. "